Some of Our Projects

  • Brand Development

    Businesses need to have media that works for their bottom line. We provide planning and development to make digital media work for you.

  • Video & Photography

    Companies increasingly need to visually share products, promotions and capture important events. We are your visual team to capture your important visuals to achieve your mission.

  • Design & Animation

    Organizations need a plan to get to the next level. We provide the consultation and design skills to help you plan your next big thing.

  • “Great job from¬†studiobassd. This is a great gig. Don’t miss it.”

    - Richard Core
  • “I liked all the different pieces of the live events you filmed. Excellent¬†coverage of the full context of the event… He does good work.¬†“

    - Garrett Hestla
  • “I love that the team at StudioBassD were enthusiastic about taking video, media and making it all fit together from social media to events, they take a holistic approach.. I’d say here is someone that I trust who trusts and lives by excellence. I feel that you will be in good trustworthy hands.”

    - Jerry Turney, Exec. Director Festival of The Nations

Why Choose StudioBassD?

What your customers are seeking isn’t just a product or a picture, but a promise.

StudioBassD focuses on delivering that promise through thoughtful planning and design of your brand. .

Our Process

Our 3 Tier Studio + Creative Agency Approach

To Creating Sustainable Brand Growth

Creative Discovery, Strategy & Project Development

Our strategic brand planning, graphic design, video production and web deployments from the beginning are pointed to sustaining and growing the brand strengths your company has worked hard to achieve.

We listen first to your goals and objectives, and then research in depth your market and audience to craft a project development strategy that fits your goals and can over achieve in results.

Brand Deployment For Conversion to Leads & Customers

Our advertising, digital marketing, and video marketing are all setup to take your brand out where it can outperform your market, increasing your market share, converting visitors into premium leads and customers.

This goes beyond just creating content and makes application of analytical maneuvers that make sure to keep executing what is working to get the results you need.

Brand Dominance in Loyalty & Repeat Business

Our brand strategy, business development and industry consulting is aimed at securing your brand territory and multiplication.

After having your market place, competitors will still be vying to take your place, and a powerful and experienced strategy can ensure your long term ownership of your space. Our innovation consulting also prepares you for the next stage as your industry grows and changes you can stay on top.

Our Clients